Supplment: a microdose cannabis dispenser that will give you deep satisfaction and pleasure. Getting there will be boring and difficult. “It’s not that the way is difficult. Difficult IS the way.” At supplment, we spare ourselves no pains.


I need your help.

If you have a yen for design that’s human rather than business-focused.

If you could talk assisted-living and skilled nursing facilities into risking losing Federal money by daring to make it easier for their residents to safely consume high-quality microdose cannabis. Because it’s the natural and obvious thing to do.

If you enjoy really groking the truth about complicated issues, and distill it to something true, and make it obvious what the next step is, you’re in.

Cannabis is coming back to its rightful place as an ally of humanity. Seniors in particular need a better way to take cannabis.

Microdosing cannabis the Supplment way means 1.14 milligrams THC and 5 mg CBD per dose.

That amount is easy to apportion out, and intuitive as an OXO peeler.

There is yet no equivalent of an OXO peeler in the cannabis world. Supplment aims to change that.

The LEM, or Lunar Module, is second design totem for Supplement.

Yes: a potato (or carrot or whatever) peeler, the OXO peeler, which you’d think is all about the comfortable handle, originally intended to ease use for people with arthritis, and later rebranded as an “inclusive” design, so that everyone could enjoy its great functionality; and mankind’s first and to date only pure spacecraft, the LEM, designed to land two men on the moon and bring them back safely, and because it didn’t need to move people safely through the Earth’s atmosphere, it could be exactly what it needed to be, and nothing else.

That’s why it is beautiful.

The OXO peeler, by contrast, can’t be as pure functionality as the LEM: it also had to succeed on the market.

The secret that gives the OXO peeler its edge, according to its designers, is the sharpness of its blade. This is high-end Japanese chef knife territory. People who just need to peel carrots or Okinawan purple potatoes wouldn’t be attracted by the notion of an extremely sharp blade: you picture bright red spots of blood suddenly appearing on your purple potatoes, and it’s sort of beautiful too, but supper. So the handle was designed to communicate the extreme functionality of the blade. The handle is extremely comfortable to hold and use. The blade slides down and the peel strips off as if the peeler is an extension of your hand. All tools are supposed to feel like that but few achieve the seamlessness that the OXO peeler does. The first iPod, with a physical scroll and click wheel to navigate iTunes, was a rare example of pure functional design that gobsmackingly just happens to be beautiful. If you appreciate design.

Right now at Supplment HQ we’re open to suggestions.

We’re mighty suspicious of vaping devices: too many steps removed from the plant, perhaps? Or is the distance from the earthy roots of it all, like taking a NoDoz caffeine tablet compared to drinking a cup of high-quality coffee: why lose out on the smell, the sight of cannabis?

Cannabis smells amazing.

Flower, especially under a jeweler’s loupe, is fascinatingly fugly, a bonkers sea anemone. Sieved hashish, when it's warmed just right, crumbles betwween the fingers into powdered ambrosia. Anandamine, the body’s version of THC, the high-inducing component of cannabis, comes from Sanskirt “Ananda” meaning, bliss.

Microdose cannabis can help seniors enjoy life more and enjoy more life. More sociability; more learning and growing; fewers minor ailments, perhaps fewer prescription medicines on a daily or monthly basis.

Seniors need a better way to consume microdose cannabis. It has to be low-dose; spill-proof; idiot-proof, easy-as-pie to use, ideally as intuitive as an OXO peeler.


Vocals, Guitar / Lee Clayton
Keyboard, Sampling / Mikael Johnasson
Bass / Ethan Stone
Drums / Omer Asani


blue horse.jpg

The performance is more important than anything else; second to that is the design that communicates what it does.


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